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Greg Kuderer Posts Trial Victory in Truck/Bike Accident.

Greg represented the driver of an automobile in a bicycle-versus-truck accident in Dawson, Minnesota.  The plaintiffs claimed the driver negligently failed to keep proper look out and control of his motor vehicle.  At trial, Greg successfully proved the eight-year old bicyclist failed to exercise the reasonable care expected of children that age, and violated both… Read more »

No FCRA Claim for Fraudulent Straw Buyer

In Addie v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., CIV. 12-281 PAM/TNL, 2013 WL 1760446 (D. Minn. Apr. 24, 2013), a Minnesota federal court held that a straw buyer who fraudulently received a loan could not maintain a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) action against a lender who conducted a per se reasonable investigation as required by… Read more »