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Insurance Coverage & Data Privacy: Fourth Circuit finds duty to defend; posting of patient medical information is a “publication” under a CGL policy.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that posting of confidential patient information constitutes “publication” under a standard CGL policy.  Travelers Indem. Co. of Am. v. Portal Healthcare Sols., LLC affirms a lower court’s ruling that posting confidential medical records online qualifies as a “publication” under a commercial general liability (CGL) policy, triggering the… Read more »

No-Fault Act Update: Court of Appeals Upholds Anti-Assignment Clause

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently held that a patient’s assignment of a no-fault insurance claim to a medical provider is invalid and unenforceable if the applicable automobile insurance policy forbids such an assignment and if the patient makes the assignment before the medical provider bills the patient for medical services.  That case, Stand Up… Read more »

Insurance Coverage: Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Reasonable Expectations Argument, Applies Criminal Acts Exclusion.

Applying Minnesota law, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected an attempt to circumvent a “criminal acts” exclusion in a homeowner’s insurance policy through the “reasonable expectations” doctrine. In Country Mutual Insurance Company v. Orloske, — F.3d —, No. 15-1097 (8th Cir. Apr. 11, 2016), the Court refused to allow the reasonable expectations doctrine… Read more »

Personal Injury and Uninsured Motorist Benefits: Court holds that “Coverage Available” For Excess UIM Coverage Equals the Difference Between the UIM Benefits Paid to the Insured from the Occupied Vehicle and the Excess UIM Policy’s Limit.

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently held that the term “coverage available” for excess UIM coverage refers to benefits paid to the insured under the coverage provided by the occupied vehicle’s policy, not the occupied vehicle’s UIM policy limit.  In Sleiter v. Am. Family Mut. Ins. Co., — N.W.2d —, No. A13-1596, (Minn. Aug. 5, 2015),… Read more »